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Find high-quality Japanese products for your home with our collection of kitchenware and homeware products. Japan is known for their high-quality kitchenware and tableware items, made with the highest care and attention to detail by professional craftsmen and artisans.

Examples of superior made in Japan items you can find here include kitchen knives, kettles and coffee pots, bento lunch boxes, and cooking pans. Japanese kitchen knives are widely considered to be the best in the world, known for their sharpness, durability, and precision. The blades of these knives are often made from a single piece of steel which means that the blade will not bend or break as easily as other types of metal. Different kinds of knives are designed to perform different functions, from cutting raw vegetables into thin slices or cubes, to slicing cooked meat into thin strips, or even to break down whole fish filets into smaller pieces.

If you’re serious about cooking Japanese food, then other essential items you should invest in include a Yukihira cooking pot, a traditional one handled cooking pot found in every Japanese home. They are lightweight, good heat conductors, and great value for money. For preparing specialty dishes such as nabe, tempura, and omelettes, browse through our selection of specialist pots and pans to recreate your favorite Japanese dishes at home with ease.