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Edobio Saketernal Moisture Lock Facial Cream 45g

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Experience the transformative power of Edobio Saketernal Moisture Lock Facial Cream, a dedicated facial cream designed to secure and retain vital moisture while nurturing your skin's natural rhythm.

This cream acts as a moisture guardian, capturing and sealing in the hydration infused into your skin, culminating in a complexion that boasts a smooth and consistently textured appearance. Its purpose extends beyond mere hydration; it actively participates in conditioning your skin, ensuring the preservation of a robust moisture barrier.

At the heart of this innovative formula are carefully selected ancient Japanese botanical ingredients. Every choice is made with precision, not only to enhance the cream's effectiveness but also to provide an enjoyable sensory experience through its delightful fragrance and texture.

Prioritize your skin's hydration, safeguarding against moisture loss with Edobio Saketernal Moisture Lock Facial Cream.

SAKETERNAL, a fusion of "SAKE" and "ETERNAL," represents a skincare philosophy that transcends time, creating a timeless and universally beautiful complexion. This Edobio skincare series is meticulously designed to address the evolving needs of your skin at any stage of life, guiding you toward enduring beauty.

At the core of the SAKETERNAL series lies the harmonious blend of traditional beauty practices inspired by the Edo period and state-of-the-art skincare technology. EDOBIO's commitment to simplifying skincare while addressing the complexities of modern skin concerns has birthed the "SAKETERNAL series."

With a keen focus on the potent nutrients found in sake lees, a superfood cherished since the Edo era, Edobio has harnessed the potential of these elements. By combining them with their unique lactic acid bacteria, they've unlocked a revolutionary approach to skin care, capable of adapting to the changing demands of age and environment.

  • This facial cream goes beyond moisturizing; it actively promotes skin health and fortifies the moisture barrier, preventing valuable hydration from escaping.
  • Designed to support your skin's natural rhythm, it ensures that moisture circulates effectively, contributing to overall skin well-being.
  • With a fresh texture, it quickly forms a delicate moisture veil on the skin, leaving it feeling revitalized.
  • Featuring Ceramide AP, phytosterols, and glucosylceramide, these ceramides integrate seamlessly with the skin, enhancing texture and delivering moisture.
  • Organic rice bran extract is included to refine skin texture, optimizing its appearance.
  • Prioritized safety with tests to ensure product tolerance.

Incorporate this cream into both your morning and evening skincare regimen. Ensure you've prepped your skin with a suitable lotion or serum before application.

Using the provided spatula, scoop out a pearl-sized amount of the cream. To optimize its consistency, gently warm it in your palms until it softens.

Press the softened cream onto your entire face, gently blending it for even coverage. For areas prone to dryness or flakiness, consider applying an additional layer for enhanced moisturization.

  • Net conents: 45g
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