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Hirosophy Sakura Yuri Cherry Blossom Milky Lotion 100ml


Hirosophy Sakura Yuri Milky Lotion is formulated with extracts of Japanese cherry blossom and clove extract to restore skin barrier, moist the skin, prevent dryness and roughness.

Other roles of this Japanese milky lotion are treat acne, brighten the skin, prevent darks spots and aging skin.

Concretely, prunus lannesiana flower extract is a demonstrate antioxidant that inhibits collagen breakdown and suppresses wrinkle formation.

Madonna Lily extract provides an anti-aging and anti-pigmentation effect.

Plantago Major Seed Extract slows down anti-glycation and prevents fine wrinkles.

Prunus mume fruit extract improves the dullness of skin and acerola fruit extract recovers the skin from UV damage.

Take an appropriate amount and apply on the entire the face.

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