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Sugiura Sadajiro Black Mirin Japanese Rice Liquor 300ml


While Mirin is a popular and traditional Japanese seasoning, this Black Mirin is totally unique to that of hon mirin. Instead, this is a Japanese Rice Liquor that can be enjoyed straight as a drink!

This particular rice liquor, black mirin, was commonly drunk as a sweet sake during the Edo period. Therefore, you can enjoy a blast from the past when drinking this rice liquor. Feel free to enjoy it on the rocks or carbonated.

This rice liquor contains only sticky glutinous rice, rice koji, and shochu which are all produced in Mikawa, Aichi prefecture. In fact, Mikawa is one of the main hubs in Japan for producing high-quality and delicious mirin products.

In addition, the maker of this Japanese Rice Liquor, Sugiura, is particular about using the highest quality rice to make their mirin products, making sure that all of the ingredients that go in their mirin are free of chemicals and pesticides.

  • Net contents: 300ml
  • Ingredients: Japanese sticky glutinous rice, rice koji, shochu
  • Made in Japan
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