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Sugiura Mirinya was founded in 1924 in Hekinan city, Aichi Prefecture, which is said to be home to the best mirin in Japan. For the past century, Sugiura has been following the traditional way of hand-making mirin, which involves only a few ingredients, wooden barrels, and at least a year to up to a few years.  

Mirin is one of the most traditional seasonings that has been used since the Edo period. It also happens to be one of the most common seasonings used in Japanese cuisine as Hon Mirin, or real mirin has an irreplaceable sweetness and rice aroma that cannot be found in other seasonings.

By using the traditional method of brewing mirin, as well as the simple ingredients of glutinous rice, rice koji, and rice shochu, a mirin product that is not only so sweet and delicious, but also free of additives is born.

You can be rest assured that all of Sugiura's mirin only contain high-quality ingredients, which are all locally sourced from the Mikawa region of Aichi Prefecture. There is also no added sugar in Sugiura's mirin, yet they have been able to achieve a product that is still so naturally sweet. 

Another focus of Sugiura's mirin, is its versatility. While mirin is one of the main seasonings in Japanese cuisine, Sugiura's mirin can also be used in cocktails, turned into a syrup, added into sweets, and more. 

In the era of mass production, there are very few mirin breweries that follow traditional brewing methods, as they are much more time intensive. Sugiura has taken a quality over quantity approach to producing their mirin, to ensure its pristine quality and taste to customers. 
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