Adachi Jozo

Adachi Jozo

Since 1889, Adachi Jozo, a small family-owned Shoyu brewery in the Kansai region has made it their mission to create astonishing shoyu and other soy-based products using only the highest quality of local ingredients. Located in the center of Hyogo prefecture in the town of Taka, Adachi has been following the custom of using only domestically-produced soybeans, wheat, and salt in all of their products, as well as taking advantage of the natural resources around them. 

By using raw materials that have been domestically produced in Japan, Adachi truly believes that they can create products that are not only more flavorful, but also kinder to the planet. Another main point of interest is that Adachi seeks materials that are organic, and use over 80% of organic materials in all of their products. 

In addition to the use of domestic and mostly organic materials, the brewing and fermentation methods used in Adachi's brewery have not changed since the company was founded. This means that they strive to keep their methods as close to, if not exactly the same as traditional methods of producing Japanese shoyu and miso, even if it means putting more time and care into their products. In order to achieve this, Adachi uses wooden barrels known as kioke in Japanese which are a prominent staple in their brewery. 

The wooden barrels give Adachi shoyu and miso distinctive flavors, that are full of unique umami and are completely different to any other Japanese shoyu or miso product. These barrels contain unique and healthy brewing bacteria that allow shoyu and miso to ferment naturally in the most ideal environment. 

Whether you are looking for a truly authentic Japanese shoyu or miso, we are sure that you'll find your new favorite product in our Adachi Jozo collection. 

Quality, love, and care that you can taste. By using only domestically produced and mostly organic raw materials, Adachi's mission is to deliver shoyu and miso products that will bring a peace of mind to you. In recent years, shoyu and miso that have been seasoned with food additives or have been chemically fermented have become more mainstream in Japan. Instead of following the trend, Adachi wants to allow you to enhance your cooking by using products that have been naturally aged with traditional methods.
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Adachi Jozo