Suehiro is a shoyu brewer based in Tatsuno, in Japan's Hyogo Prefecture. They've been expertly brewing Japanese soy sauce there for over 130 years, and they put an emphasis on promoting their region, and using the highest-quality, locally-sourced ingredients to make delicious, natural Japanese shoyu sauce.

Tatsuno is one of the earliest regions in Japan to start producing shoyu, so the town has become famous for it. The cool climate and fresh, mountain water are ideal for shoyu production - especially usukuchi shoyu, which is the region's specialty.

Suehiro's brewers have inherited the knowledge of their predecessors, passed down with each generation, to preserve the traditional methods of naturally brewing soy sauce. They don't use additives, and they don't use heat to speed up the fermentation process. Instead, they allow their shoyu to ferment naturally with time, to ensure the flavor is clean and pure. 

Suehiro makes a wide variety of shoyu sauces, such as usukuchi (light soy sauce), koikuchi (dark soy sauce), saishikomi (twice-brewed soy sauce), citrus-infused ponzu soy sauce, and naturally smoked soy sauce.

Their shoyu sauces pair well with anything from sushi and sashimi, to beef and mozzarella, and their ponzu sauce is an ideal finishing sauce for salad or grilled fish.

Suehiro has spent over 130 years brewing Japanese shoyu soy sauce. Their expert brewers are particular about natural brewing, and promoting the use of their specialty product, usukuchi light soy sauce. They stand out as one of the few breweries that have made usukuchi shoyu their flagship product, and with their commitment to additive-free brewing and using domestic ingredients. In addition to usukuchi, they make koikuchi, saishikomi, and ponzu sauces.
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