Suisouen is a traditional Japanese tea company located in Nagano prefecture. Since 1959, Muneo Yagi, the founder and current chairman of Suisouen has been pushing to achieve his dream of delivering high-quality tea products to Japan and overseas. 

Yagi spent years working on growing his business and expanding it into Nagano prefecture and eventually into the Kanto region and Hokkaido. He studied among some of the most respected tea masters in Japan and has always been determined to bring the best quality tea to customers. 

Historically, Nagano is not a well-known region for producing tea in Japan. However, Yagi through Suisouen has expanded the culture and practice of crafting Japanese tea to the region. Suisouen tea leaves are grown throughout Japan in order to achieve the highest quality. 

What sets Suisouen apart from their competitors is that all of their teas are made with organic leaves and everything is sourced domestically. Suisouen offers a wide range of traditional Japanese teas like Sencha, Genmaicha, and Hojicha, they have also successfully found ways to bring consumers non-Japanese tea varieties like earl grey and oolong that are made from domestically grown Japanese tea leaves. 

While Suisouen is a smaller company, Yagi has never let go of his dream of expanding Japanese tea culture to the world. The whole time, Yagi has stuck to the sentiment, “Dreams will definitely come true if you just keep pushing forward towards the dream you have drawn” in order to achieve his own dream for Suisouen.

With hard work and dedication, achieving your dreams is certainly possible. Suisouen was founded on a dream of expanding tea culture and bringing consumers around the world high-quality Japanese tea. Not only has that dream been achieved, but Suisouen has also found ways to craft non-Japanese tea varieties like earl grey and oolong 100% domestically, something that is extremely rare and hard to do. 
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